January 7, 2009

DvH 200805 Hammamet Bay, Tunisia
residential (new concept design) re-model

The resort of Hammamet Bay is often described as the St Tropez of Tunisia situated on the Gulf of Hammamet. A former fishing village, it has evolved into one of the most popular resorts in Tunisia as it the ideal place from which to discover the country's golden beaches and year-round blue skies. The area is guarded by a 15th century fortress and boasts acres of colorful gardens and miles of wide sandy beaches and sparkling seas.


The house is an “off the grid” new-concept-design. What is new-concept-design? Self-sustained, sustainable construction

It has solar collectors, wind generators and passive solar heating from strategically placed windows and a seawater desalination facility with underground storage tanks. The house is also equipped with a greywater recycling system.

Stone was reused for the home’s retaining walls and foundations. Reclaimed materials was used for floors and fittings, while essentially everything else – from the window frames to the plumbing, wiring and even the fireplace – was recycled. Skylights allow for natural lighting.