February 14, 2011

Apple Pie? No, a Grand Souffle.

Whether you love or hate Apple's standard glass and steel design, we're pretty sure you'll agree that this newest outlet is the company's nicest yet.

The store is designed to preserve the historic architecture of the building and neighborhood. The result is more than you could ask for from an electronics store.

Steve Jobs himself came to inaugurate the new flagship store in the Opera district last July. For the store in the Carroussel du Louvre he had sent someone to promote the event in front of the excited French press.

This time Steve honoured the press with his presence. This store has been conceived and built for Parisians.


It’s the third to open in France and it confirms the intentions of Cupertino for the European market since Apple opened in Covent Garden, London their biggest store in an old factory.

Let’s admire and give kuddos to the splendid projects in pictures.