August 23, 2015

Like an Island in a Garden Sea.

A lovely old house set in a garden.  A face-lift in the form of paints, fabrics, fixtures and furniture brought this house to life. 

The countryside is on the doorstep, and the city only moments away.  It is the place that will convert the most committed city-dweller to country life.  What joy to escape from noise, pollution and traffic jams to the tranquil atmosphere of these rooms, to read in the shade of old trees, and to be convinced that you are living on an island in the midst of a green sea of leaves.

August 19, 2015

Bent el-Rhia, the daughter of the wind.

The Arabs called the black rock, known to us as Pantelleria, where the sirocco can blow fiercely from Africa.  The Dammuso the architectural symbol of Pantelleria was created in the 10th century A.D. and it evolved and developed up until the 17th century. By looking at the construction today, one would think they were designed by engineers, architects and ecologists.

Our project resulted in the creation of a private Mediterranean retreat. Designed and built with respect for the island’s architecture and landscape yet incorporating all the latest “green” technologies. The essential restoration has left intact the original structure.  

Dry-stone walls and landscape protection will maintain the landscape and will serve to hold the terrain and provide shelter for animal and plant species.