August 20, 2010

DvH 2010 05 Texas, a very big “country”

Architektur 1x1 & DvH design have gained recognition for designing structures that capture the essence of a building site, respond to the region’s climate, and connect its inhabitants to the natural environment.

This design was carefully developed through an inclusive and collaborative process. Through thoughtful consideration of the environmental context, energy modeling program, we developed a sustainable strategy to shape the designs, and ultimately conserve natural resources and create a healthy built environment.

August 10, 2010

DvH 2010 06 Northern Nevada

Each site and farm and their horses are unique. While there are certain common design features in all barns, simply copying an existing barn cannot begin to address specific needs. A custom design equates control over the layout, materials, special features, and ultimately the construction. The design of a custom barn or farm will address all of your wishes, goals and requirements.

We collect as much information about the property as possible. This includes property survey drawings, aerial photographs, zoning information, and acreage. Then we generate a list of what the client likes to build or develop (i.e., a list of buildings or spaces, number of stalls or paddocks, and any special features that he may desire). By creating an outline of his vision for the project, the design team strives to maintain that vision throughout the entire project.
Architekture 1x1 and DvH design, draws upon their equine experience to evaluate and accommodate the specific needs of the client and the site. Since we do not sell or rely upon a certain type of building system, our client received unbiased evaluations and recommendations for every aspect of his project.