January 22, 2010

DvH 2010 03 Vancouver, B.C. Penthouse

This project could have starred as a designer's nightmare. The high-rise culminated in a dusty muddle of bare-bones supports and grimy pipes emerging through rough concrete floors from apartments below. The only thing to recommend it was the promise of a home with wrap-around view— fog-shrouded mountains at eye-level, sunrise, and sunset.  Remodeled and reconfigured it will function as a living/working space.
The client had these requests: "Room for books, a space to work and keep the place open, don't block off any view, and leave everything as clean as you can."

Generosity and the seamless interconnection of space were the inspiration for the design. The interior epitomizes contemporary living, and the client’s admiration of simplicity in style formed the foundation. Day to day practicalities, such as robust materials, and an abundance of built-in storage were essential for clean, unobstructed lines. The cool palette is enhanced with an innovative lighting design, and layered with natural and neutral tones.
Project completed and ready to receive guests for the Winter Olympics. Let it snow!

January 1, 2010

The Best Year Ever

Every January First gives us a crack at our best year ever, and this year is particularly relevant to thoughts of seizing another chance.

RE-inventing RE-habilitation RE-modeling RE-storing RE-decorating RE-novation



Re-inventing a wasted top floor of a building.

Re-habilitating an energy consuming McMansion.

Re-modeling a listless concrete box.

Re-storing aging beauties.

Re-decorating a cookie cutter apartment.

Re-novating and imagining a new space for horses

All those “re-“ words mean doing it again, BEST WAY EVER. I hope there will be happy endings for all of us in the year to come. I plan to continue to encourage clients to realize their dreams this year, next year, and whenever we get to say, as I do now, Happy New Year.