January 1, 2010

The Best Year Ever

Every January First gives us a crack at our best year ever, and this year is particularly relevant to thoughts of seizing another chance.

RE-inventing RE-habilitation RE-modeling RE-storing RE-decorating RE-novation



Re-inventing a wasted top floor of a building.

Re-habilitating an energy consuming McMansion.

Re-modeling a listless concrete box.

Re-storing aging beauties.

Re-decorating a cookie cutter apartment.

Re-novating and imagining a new space for horses

All those “re-“ words mean doing it again, BEST WAY EVER. I hope there will be happy endings for all of us in the year to come. I plan to continue to encourage clients to realize their dreams this year, next year, and whenever we get to say, as I do now, Happy New Year.

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