June 1, 2010

DvH 2010 13 Paris, France

May it inspire Romy Schneider to come and sashay.

When I ask Clive, my godson, how he envisioned his apartment. He said, “create a mood so I can imagine Romy Schneider sashaying through the place”.

Yet, he has rejected, what I thought to be a very Romy inspired bed.
A welcoming bedroom is an important part in a well-lived-in-house.

I understand that in my godson’s concentration on simple, modern design, the voluptuous bed that has been forever with the apartment is not to his taste (I wonder how Romy would feel about this?).

It belonged to our friend Brigitte.

The bed is big and curvy, and made of beautiful wood. It dominated the master bedroom throughout our five decades of friendship, and played a central role in all our lives. Brigitte was born in this bed. And, when Mona contracted German measles at the beginning of a school holiday, she spent her entire time in it. We always felt “at home” in that oh-so-safe bed. Such happy memories of four friends, together, engaged in long rap sessions on lazy holiday mornings.

Clive wants a sophisticated upholstered bed. Ergo, he shall get one, and we will put the family bed into the guestroom, so Mona and I can spend many more times climbing into the bed that made such a long journey through France’s history and was part of “our” French girl.

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