August 20, 2010

DvH 2010 05 Texas, a very big “country”

Architektur 1x1 & DvH design have gained recognition for designing structures that capture the essence of a building site, respond to the region’s climate, and connect its inhabitants to the natural environment.

This design was carefully developed through an inclusive and collaborative process. Through thoughtful consideration of the environmental context, energy modeling program, we developed a sustainable strategy to shape the designs, and ultimately conserve natural resources and create a healthy built environment.

Texas, a very big “country”.

Whichever way you drive into Texas you will pass through classic scrub-and-desert country, cow country, buck country, where great trains crawl tentatively across mighty landscapes, and ranch houses stand isolated on apparently unreachable horizons. The little towns along the way proclaim themselves very Texanly. “…Biggest Town in the Biggest County in the Biggest State in the United States; …best climate in the world; …all-woman chamber of commerce”-potent Texas symbols every one. Northern Texas is the verdant part of that comfortable and large state.

From the great border city of El Paso, commanding the Pass of the North from Old Mexico into New, through remote canyons of the Big Bend, past the arable country that Texans call simple the Valley, where the land blossoms into prodigies of fertility and is fallen upon by hordes of seniors in recreational vehicles, to peter out at last in the desolate salt marshes of Boca Chica on the Gulf of Mexico. All this has made Texas, Texas.

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