July 8, 2011


…”the beauty of the radiant, still nights, is so perfect that the heart bends under it.  You can always hear the murmur of the breakers and the low rustle of palms - a ceaseless dirge charged with the unresolved melancholy of all beach houses. Circling the M’tepe dhows with their matting sails you know then, what we always been told - that the world once lived and grew without newsprint, brick-walled streets and the tyranny of clocks.”

Architektur 1x1 is a great advocate of vernacular architecture.  Their approach to hot climate housing is based on the conception of interpreting ancient forms and using natural materials.  Particular attention is paid to the geography of the site.  The walls of the buildings are thick acting both as insulators and heat absorbers. Heat is stored during the day and released during night when temperatures cool.
Proper positioning of courtyards plays a massive role in the ventilation of the buildings to promote better air flow and climate control.  They also capture and reflect light providing natural illumination inside the house.