September 8, 2011

The ideal client.

Over the past decade I have successfully translated many a client’s ideas into inhabitable spaces.  Occasionally I stumble upon an inarticulate client with a vague concept envisioned only in his/or her mind's eye which they cannot convey, resulting in revision after revision...
I refer to these projects as "gringe jobs", overworked messes that please only the Gringe, "No, please, don't credit me for this job, just send the check."

By way of giving hope to anyone foolish enough to consider interior design as a career and simultaneously breaking your parent’s hearts, I hereby give you Beata.
Beata just hired me for a project.  She possesses the ability to articulate exactly what he wants and allows for a reasonable time frame. She did not blink an eye when Ditto, the barn cat, jumped up on the desk to present us with a hunting trophy, and then sprawled all over the drawings we were reviewing.  Most people would have recoiled in horror and shrieked, but Beata took the rescued runt in gracious stride.
Her appreciation for “real people don't live like this” design, will allow us to build a marvelous place.  

Recently, at a party, Beata was labeled as ...blessedly non-conventional. Indeed she is. She is also quirky, darkly humorous, adventurous, and a great friend, all which make her the ideal client.