January 20, 2012

“Doncha think?”

According to the Small House Society, an Iowa-based organization dedicated to the promotion of humbler housing alternatives, “living small can free up your mind, your wallet, and your soul.”  

Consider if you will, this Finger Lake region cabin, a small structure that this remodeler swears will become the last word in soulful comfort.

I ask the client what they would like, “Oh, a bunch of Amish rockers. And when we walk into that space, make it feel like we have lived in it for 30 years. Doncha think?”

Anders Cabin, as they call it, is a place that seems to tap into a ‘what more do you need?’ response.  Now the question of what purpose the cabin will serve in the future. “Everyone wants to visit,” maintains the client. “We’re just not sure we’re going to want to share it that much. I think no matter how amazing the rest of the world is Anders Cabin is going to be our safe place.”