July 22, 2012

For the love of ‘Hicks’ and glass

“So what am I hiring you for?” asked the client when I wondered out loud if he had any of his own ideas.  “Just make it kind off ‘Hicksian’, he mused, “and lots of room for a private space.” 

Men.  Often forgotten in the world of interior design, and I acknowledge that I am a big fan of them, have the most unusual requests and ideas for interior spaces.

In fact, the bigger the challenge, the better I like it.  David Hicks has not been around for several decades.  We were lucky to find old resources and work in a place that is renowned for its expert craftsmen.

Style can vary enormously, depending on the requirements of the situation.  It can be both modern and formal as demonstrated here.  We took a few of the family’s antiques and gave it a contemporary and even minimal look, proving once again, that antiques can live harmoniously in modern spaces.  We added dimensions to old rooms by painting the walls in solid colors and installing new geometric carpets in the ‘Hicksian’ portion of the apartment.

The second challenge was to find the back splash for a supremely beautiful glass collection.  Streamlined colors and subdued textures suit glass better than any other decoration.  Delicate details are pointless, for they would be overshadowed by the effect of the dazzling material.  Patina is undesirable, it would only look shabby and worn-out or make the overall space look gaudy and garish.  Not many objects have these requirements, glass certainly does-especially when it is of the highest quality.  The magic of baroque breaks out with only a few objects spread out in a modern interior.  With a color range in perfect harmony, they bring the sophistication of the collector’s objects into a modern apartment without disturbing the basic stylistic unity.