July 5, 2013

Like Freckles or a high IQ…

…you either have it or you don’t.

If you analyze it, it makes no sense. If you imitate it, it does not look quite right.  If you disguise or undermine it, it just keeps bobbing back.  Style – that uncanny ability to make something out of nothing or everything - is as stubborn and unavoidable as the people who have it.

Style is as simple as the shape of a lapel or as complicated as the length of a glove in relation to the width of a sleeve and the size of a hand.  It can also be as unexplainable as the gleam of a certain wall color in candlelight.  Style is the swing of a hem; the perkiness of a fresh flower pinned to a belt; or a pair of shoes so well cut and kept that one cannot tell who designed them or when.  Style is maddeningly obtrusive, snobbishly minimal, ruthlessly luxurious, or touchingly plain.  There are no rules.  If you got it, you have got it-only death or a definitive move, say to a nudist camp, can cause you to lose it.

To be fair, style is more about a sense of culture, tradition, confidence, and daring than following fashion trends.  Money can, of course, aid and abet style, but it certainly cannot create it. If you think you can acquire instant style be exhausting platinum credit cards, you probably also believe that grocery shopping at Fauchon makes one a terrific cook.  Wrong.  The price of style has more to do with personality than purchase.  Admirably put-together persons, or spaces, possess an instinctive sense of time and place.  They rarely allow obstacles such as “correct” to get in the way of looking great. 

In general, the copy syndrome does not hold much mineral water here. People with style never look like anyone but themselves, and their living spaces reflect that as well.  

I had an acquaintance who could make something smashing out of a few yards of Astroturf and a tube of superclue.

The rest of us...

...simply have to "make due".