May 18, 2016

Who is "a fraid" of ghosts?

When I first set foot into the dark garden flat that had been unused for a number of years I stared at a bachelor pad with no redeeming values. But with an eye for hidden treasure I saw it’s potential even after I was informed that the place housed a ghost.

The solution to fighting the flat’s gloominess (ghost?) was not to fight it but open up to it.  With literally no free square centimeter, a light, seamless color scheme helped to expand the space visually.  We gutted the kitchen and bathroom and chipped off the old plaster, pulled up the molded carpeting, sealed the floors and installed hardwood flooring.  As if by magic, the space seemed to expand to a comfortable fit for the client. The d├ęcor is a mix of inherited pieces and finds from scavenger hunts. The chairs in the small garden are antiques found on one of our weekend excursions. The client calls it his “faded gentility look”.

Ghost or not (I believe she has re-located to Kentish Town South ghost station), it is now a comfortable, stylish flat used and enjoyed.


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Ms. Edna (squared) said...

You are welcome, and thank you for thinking DvH design.

Anonymous said...

Yep, seen her!