July 6, 2016

Off the Grid & On the Edge.

There’s a history of Mojave being a place for people who are loners and pioneers. The sweeping views of the magnificent eerie landscape gives credence to that thought. You feel like you are a character in 2001: A Space Odyssey.  When you are eating all you can hear is the sound of your silverware, the sound of your chair moving, and the sound of the house expanding and contracting. I like it.
The house is pre-fabricated based on an off-the-grid design.  It sits lightly on the earth with minimal foundations, an energy-efficient yet ultra-stylish house rising up from a wild and rugged landscape. It has no conventional heating or air-conditioning system, but remains cozy in winter and cool in summer with its passive heating and cooling, strategic orientation, and cross ventilation.  

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