April 27, 2017

Looking Inside



Home is shelter from the world: the heart that warms you, the roof that keeps out the rain, the table where you eat with your loved ones, and the bed on which you sleep.  But home is also the springboard for you life’s adventures and the safety net that gives you courage to soar into the world.  At home you are most fully yourself: accepted for the least you are, yet reminded of the most you hope to be.

  Putting together a living space that reflects and supports the quest for an authentic life is an exhilarating creative challenge. Begin with three simple principles:  Weed out unnecessary possessions.  Give fresh life to furnishings by moving them around.  Stop being frustrated by the physical limitations of your home; rather start looking for ways to highlight its pluses.

  A space that meets the everyday needs of its inhabitants, gives expression to their interior life, and encourages living the life you want.  The project of creating such a home for yourself can be a source of satisfaction and joy.

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