September 5, 2009

DvH200902 Dalmatia, Croatia
private Gallery remodel 

The new gallery is a beautifully crafted architectural structure nestled in gently rolling hills.
What will not be so obvious is the structure’s responsiveness to environmental sustainability.
The building and gardens embrace green principles. Thus the environmental functionality of the structure was designed to build and operate in a sustainable manner: controlled water runoff, enhanced energy efficiency, climate-control systems, and responsible landscaping practices.
The building was designed to allow a consistency of natural illumination into the gallery. The play of light will begin with the surrounding landscape to catch the changing light of the day; it continues into the gallery with daylight illumination, which will provide a large percentage of the lighting required to view the art under optimal visual conditions. Exterior louvers above the skylights will emit only indirect north light into the gallery, while lenses and diffusing filters control daylight exposure in order to conform to art conservation standards.
The windows consist of a ceramic frit pattern within the glass screens. In addition, roof-mounted photocells will signal changing sunlight conditions, allowing track lighting and shading systems to be optimally tuned for protection of the collection and heat-gain control. The lighting is programmed to complement the works of art during the day and provide full illumination after the sun has set to help reduce energy consumption. Each time you enter the gallery it will have a slightly different feel as lighting conditions shift and transform.
The gallery was upgraded with more than 50-percent recycled materials and is about 40-percent more energy efficient than standard buildings.

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