August 10, 2009

DvH 200903 Sonoma County, California
Small winery and artist retreat

Artists and Isolation…
… are a potent mix. The hypnotic sense of privacy offered by the best caravansaries brings out the most creative tendencies. Granted they also have been self-destructive. Writers, painters, and musicians have dissolved in such places and the annals of Rock-and-Roll’s music ‘greats’ have the most public and notoriously self-destructive stories to tell. Howard Hughes lost his mind, a little more discreetly, looping a Rock Hudson film in his room at the Las Vegas Desert Inn, completely succumbing to obsessive-compulsive disorder. Nevertheless, there are retreats that bring out the best and I will design such a place. In other words, I will put the needle to the record and let the music play without calling the paramedics.

Picture perfect.
First minimalist, than rien. Stripped to its essence, since artists are sensitive to, and often distracted by, strong colors and objects, the interiors will remain blissfully ‘undecorated’. A neutral color and texture scheme will carry throughout the main house and the guest cabins. Colors and textures will come from the artists’ contributions and the surrounding landscape.