December 20, 2010

DvH 'new concept' design projects 2010

Architektur 1x1 and DvH design -

wish to thank all our clients who either were already, or became good friends through this year’s collaborations. We have enjoyed being of service. Often challenged, but never beyond our capacity. This year has brought many new and varied experiences that will enhance our future endeavours.

Joyously, “YourTeam”

What is DvH design’s ‘new-concept-design’?
Philosophy and approach are inseparable.
Architects, contractors,
and artists follow the firms’ design principles
based on integrity and partnership.

We integrate environmentally intelligent strategies
Engage in cross-disciplinary partnerships
Consider the long-term and broad-scale consequences of decisions
Practice regenerative design with no waste—only cycles and new uses

*entry=project complet 

                                                                                           *DvH 2010 01  Kalihiwai Bay, Kauai, Hawai'i

(private house re-designed for special needs)

(penthouse new-built)

(reuse re-built)

*DvH201005 Northern Texas
equestrian facility (new built)

*DvH2010 06 Northern Nevada 
equestrian facility (new built)

*DvH2010 07 Americana at Brand Glendale, California
(Apartment c&t's, fixtures & furnishings)

(penthouse c&t's, fixtures & furnishings)

(private beach house c&t's fixtures, landscaping)

watercolor by Ray Cole

  (private house c&t's, fixtures, furnishings, landscaping)

*DvH2010 11 Macau, Macau
(private house re-design) 


* DvH 2010 12 Venice, Italy
(house-remodel c&t's, fixtures,furnishings, landscaping)

(Apartment-remodel c&t's, fixtures & furnishings)

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