January 10, 2011

DvH 'new concept' design projects 2011

So do we -


Thank you for a most successful two thousandeleven.

An environmentally correct approach to the way we live our lives can no longer be ignored. In varying degrees, the entire planet is engaged in a formidable attempt to reverse habits that have taken us to the point of no return. While industry and fossil fuels are undoubtedly the major contributing factors to pollution, development is also capable of inflicting long lasting scars on our environment, proportionate to our demographic expansion and housing needs.
We propose to our clients the use of locally sourced materials and alternative energies.
Many of the projects completed have wind, solar and water collecting, recycling, storing, and de-salination systems especially for coastal properties. This will prevent the unnecessary waste of fresh water since so many of these regions are progressively developing water shortages.
We have deterred clients from the use of uncertified timber sources and encouraged at every level the use of traditional methods and the minimal use of industrial products.

We also experiment with the use of aesthetically attractive and functionally satisfactory recycled materials.

It is of course, a struggle against market reality which, particularly in developing countries, still follows policies already abandoned in the first world and which often favor quantity over quality.

It is DvH design and Architektur 1x1's goal to approach every project professionally and with creative and innovative solutions.

*=project completed

* DvH 2011 01 New Orleans, Louisiana (update)

*DvH 2011 02 Shanghai, China (corp. retreat)

* DvH 2011 03 London, England (update)

* DvH 2011 04 Samos, Greece (update)

*DvH 2011 05 Pasadena, California (re-design)

* DvH2011 07 Northern Italy (update)

 *DvH 2011 08  Kenya (renovation)

*DvH 2011 09 Santa Barbara, California (renovation)

*DvH 2011 10 Las Vegas, Nevada (condominium re-model)

* DvH 2011 11 La Cañada Flintridge, California (studio renovation)

* DvH 2011 12  Half Moon Bay, California (beach cottage update)

* DvH 2011 13 Lipari Islands, Italy
(house renovation)